Justin Whitehouse

Justin WhitehousePosition: President

Peyton Hazelrig

Peyton HazelrigPosition: President

John Brendenburger

John  BrendenburgerPosition: Director of Risk Management, Treasurer

Tyler Brown

Tyler BrownPosition: Vice President, Internal VP

Pierce McLawhorn

Pierce McLawhornPosition: Director of Risk Management, Sgt. at Arms

David House

David HousePosition: Director of Academic Affairs

Jonathan Whiteford

Jonathan WhitefordPosition: Director of Academic Affairs

Kevin Gunning

Kevin GunningPosition: Secretary, Corresponding Secretary

Nicholas Whitridge

Nicholas WhitridgePosition: Director of Academic Affairs

Anthony Hansler

Anthony HanslerPosition: Director of Risk Management

Dalton White

Dalton WhitePosition: Recruitment

Jake Walker

Jake WalkerPosition: Recruitment

Conor Flanigan

Conor FlaniganPosition: IFC Rep

Aaron Conroy

Aaron ConroyPosition: Shelter and Grounds

Brad Wurm

Brad WurmPosition: Guide

David Sauers

David SauersPosition: New Member Education

Jordan Shuler

Jordan ShulerPosition: New Member Education

Kristian Batista

Kristian BatistaPosition: New Member Education

Michael Ryzner

Michael RyznerPosition: Road Chairman

Richard Terry

Richard TerryPosition: Road Chairman

Nicholas Laird

Nicholas LairdPosition: Corresponding Secretary

Joseph Williams

Joseph WilliamsPosition: Chapter Advisor

Lucas Hayes

Lucas HayesPosition: Chapter Advisor

Colin Strzelczyk

Colin StrzelczykPosition: Philanthropy Chair, Community Service Chair

Matthew Brand

Matthew BrandPosition: Philanthropy Chair

Pat Roach

Pat RoachPosition: Community Service Chair