Online Payments

Make an online payment towards your house dues, or simply add money to your Purchase Fund.



*A Paypal account is required to make online payments.

 Simply sign-in to you PayPal account and click on the "Send Money"  tab located on the top toolbar.

In the "To" box, enter the email address

Once completed, enter the desired payment amount into the "Amount" box.

Finally, click on "Personal". Bubble in the option "Payment Owed".

Click "Continue" to submit your Payment.

*Due to Paypal fees, any payments under $50.00 will be assesed a 3% internet service charge.



Once completed, you should receive a confirmation email to the email address you used to create you PayPal account.

 If have any questions whatsoever, call John Simpson, Chapter Treasurer at (504) 228-2534.