Summer 2012 Newsletter

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Delta Eta Chapter

The University of Alabama



Monday, July 2, 2012


Fellow Alumni Brothers,


I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying your summer and 4th of July week. Although the summer time serves as a break for many students and as time to enjoy amongst their families, your Executive Committee and House Corporation has remained hard at work to make improvements that will benefit both the brothers of Delta Eta and the Shelter.


The past few months have been extremely busy around the Shelter as many house improvements have been completed or are currently planned to begin. I would like to take this time to update you on a few of these projects and initiatives that your Executive Committee and House Corporation have accomplished and are planning.


·      Improvements to the Basement Including the Addition of TV’s, Couches, Bar Stools, Dart Boards, & Pool Tables


·      Complete Painting of the Upstairs Quarters, Basement, & Living Room


·      Renovations to Provide Sustainability to the Dining Hall and Kitchen


·      New Landscaping


The Executive Committee is very active in protecting and preserving our Shelter that is not only our mutual "investment" but also the emotional focal point of our common fraternal bond. The men in Delta Eta are good stewards, and care about the house conditions, and they work to protect the facilities that have been passed down to us through the support of our alumni.


We also operate in a manner that is very conducive for managing our assets. The House Corporation is in control of facility condition and all repair and maintenance during the school year and summer. Our goal is to manage the condition of the chapter house in the same way any property owner would manage a valuable rental property. The fact that the tenants are also our brothers actually helps a great deal, because they share a love for the Shelter that is unique.


Please remember that this is also your Shelter, your common meeting ground amongst your brothers. You are welcome in this house at any time, and not just football or basketball game days. Please help us make this house your home; whenever you and your families are in town, please stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee or just a quick hello.


Lastly, let us not forget about the young men of tomorrow for the Delta Eta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta. We are currently underway on our recruitment process that shall continue until the beginning of the fall semester. With numerous events lined up, we are looking to recruit well-rounded, impressive incoming students and current UA students from around the state and nation. We invite you to take a look around your communities and recommend any young men that you feel would fit well with our values. We, at Delta Tau Delta, pride ourselves on hard work, and we recruit the best and the brightest, to lead us into the future years. If you would like to refer a man to Delta Tau Delta lease feel free to contact our recruitment chair Andrew Millard at


The 2011-2012 Executive Committee is off to a fantastic start, but we can only be successful with timely payments and inputs. Although there are many projects and initiatives underway, there is always room for more. The brothers are extremely appreciative of the sacrifices our alumni have made over the past years to continue to support the Shelter.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Committee with any questions, concerns, or ideas. Contact Kyle Reamer (president), Zach Foster (vice-president) or Matthew Saylor (treasurer) at any of the email addresses below.





Kyle Reamer - President



Samuel Foster - Vice-President



Matthew Saylor - Treasurer